Here at Philanthropy Hands-On, we have always enjoyed serving humanity and will continue to serve to uplift mankind.

Some of the philanthropic services we offered include the following:

  1. Rendered annual medical missions and rehabilitation services to communities
  2. Continue to provide supply of needed life-saving medications to communities
  3. Donated sustenance to impoverished orphanages
  4. Donated medical supplies to communities in strife
  5. Implemented palliative measures (distribution of food and cash) to many villages before and during pandemic to alleviate the effects of lockdown
  6. Equipped underprivileged and abandoned medical clinics
  7. Negotiated and paid-off hospital and maternity arrest bills for patients
  8. Extended assistance to neglected widows in remote African villages
  9. Contributed to youth empowerment programs in vetted communities
  10. Provided resources to accommodate the abused and homeless families
  11. Provided assistance to parolees to moderate the harms of incarceration and the likelihood of re-incarceration
  12. Provided financial assistance for business to youths and families
  13. Sponsored projects involving power, water supplies and transportation to many villages
  14. Sponsored grants and scholarships for students of no-income to low-income families

Your willingness and generosity to assist in time, as well as donate efforts and resources will make a difference in providing continued hands-on assistance to the needy.