Q: What is philanthropic hands-on?

It is a donor-inspired giving that engages the donors’ active participation in charitable giving, so donors know exactly where their resources go, and the benefits accrued to targeted recipients. This is a dynamic approach because it provides donor-recipient connectivity at the donor’s discretion. In this scenario, the donor becomes the team as well as the teammate; connect their emotions and resources to their passion through a following with their energy. We recognize that no one is an island and that’s why we encourage you to give such that your personal energy and sacrifices lead to purposeful endpoint. Give so that you can receive back from the Universe ten, hundred or a thousand-fold blessing. BE HANDS-ON WHEN YOU GIVE!

Q: What inspired the idea?

The founder of the company has been there before, was once homeless, knows what it’s like to be without and understands that to be without sometimes is not by choice but by unavoidable circumstances. Our philosophy that you “Be involved and connected in your giving, participate and champion your cause without reservations” is that ultimately you become blessed by your act of giving…such that your emotions and resources, your personal energy and sacrifices of direct involvement should lead to purposeful endpoint for the recipient and fulfillment of your divine plan. Our “hands-on” approach guarantees your donations are no longer lost in the shadows of human treachery and outright exploitation…you know where your resources go, and it gives you a sense of fulfillment. You become responsible for God’s blessings through you to others and we work with you by providing the physical and spiritual pathways, so the intended target reaps the abundance of the projected benefits efficiently.

Q: What is a “hands-on” approach to giving?

The CEO, given his own life experience understands that at a time when people are at a crossroads in their life and are without, trust is very imperative for both the one without and the helper with. Together, the donor is actively and personally involved in the process of caring for the impoverished by his/her targeted resources.

Q: How has our organization impacted humanity constructively?

Our story reflects what we have done to serve others, the impact can be seen from photo/video/articles illustrating our positive deeds for the community. Our success includes the communities buzzing about our work such as feeding the people, healing through medical missions, undertaking educational and improvement workshops. Our request is for you to help us help others by donating to a noble cause or purpose. YOU HAVE THE POWER TO MAKE IT HAPPEN!

Q: What is a public charity?

Public charities are those tax-exempt nonprofits recognized under IRS Code section 501(c)(3) that receive funding from the public and include churches, schools and hospitals, private/corporate or community foundations, donor advised funds, and other nonprofits. They provide services directly to their intended beneficiaries. Financial support for public charities can come in the form of donations from individuals as well as earned income, and from contracts/grants from the government.

Q: Is Philanthropy Hands-On a public charity?

Philanthropy Hands-On is charitable nonprofit organization entitled to tax-exempt status recognized under IRS Code section 501(c)(3). We provide services directly to intended beneficiaries from financial support from the public and private sources.

Q: What is the difference between our organization and other charities?

Our work on your behalf comes with Receipts for tax purposes, Logistics and security details (Confidential) to donor only, Verification work logs, completion report and sign-off order, Audit trail and chain-of-custody records (if necessary), T-shirts for the donor and recipients in commemoration of the event and Pictures and Videos of the event activity (TV and Radio may cost more). We are the only organization that does this.

Q: How do I decide what nonprofit to donate to?

Donate according to causes that interest you and that you are passionate about. See if the nonprofit’s mission corresponds to your beliefs and something you can align with. You can support an organization that is seeking the cure to a specific disease, helps females or advances children causes. You can assist in causes to protect the environment for future generations. Our organization can sit down with you and work out the strategy for your giving.

Q: How do I know whether a certain nonprofit is registered and tax-exempt?

Check with the IRS website to confirm whether the organization is recognized as tax-exempt by the IRS under Section 501(c)(3) or another section.

Q: How do I ensure my donation is spent on the nonprofit’s mission, not overhead?

Administrative costs can run up organizations costs unintentionally, however, when you make a donation to a nonprofit, you can signal intent for that donation to be spent in a particular way. Our mission is to “engage compassion in philanthropic gestures to uplift humanity”. This complements our philosophy that “you be involved and connected in your giving, participate and champion your cause without reservations”. Therefore, although some administrative costs are necessary for the success of a project, your “hands-on” involvement acts an oversight in restricting a greater portion of your donation to its intended cause.

Q: How does a donor restrict a gift?

Our organization treats all donor’s gift as “restricted” to the cause intended for it, except if the donor requests otherwise. Your gift is precious and we would want it to go only towards your cause or passion. That’s why we strive for transparency by providing verification work logs, completion report and sign-off order, photographs and videos, audit trail and chain-of-custody records (if necessary) to confirm transparency of the “hands-on approach”.