Guiding Young Children to Success


Success in life in any form can sometimes be seen as something arbitrary. However, many factors in a young child’s life can set them up for success.

As a non-profit organization in California, we are more than familiar with the factors that deter kids from reaching their life goals. What are some of the best ways to set them up for success?

  • Educational Resources

    There is no substitute for education. While children naturally learn over time, they need proper guidance to thrive in this world. With the help of educational resources, they can acquire the knowledge and skills to achieve their goals.

  • Optimizing Their Health

    Most youth empowerment services give focus on health. When children are healthy, they will have the physical and mental capabilities to achieve work toward their goals.

  • Opportunities to Thrive

    Children should have the freedom and opportunity to choose where they can thrive. Through various extracurriculars like drinking water projects and athletic and arts programs, they can find the field that speaks to their calling. These opportunities may also help them explore what they want to achieve.

  • Avoiding ACEs

    Adverse childhood experiences can significantly hold back kids from reaching their goals. These experiences can hurt their physical and mental wellness, with negative effects lasting until adulthood. Many philanthropic programs aim to remove kids from these adverse situations, so they may be spared from these detrimental effects.

The programs we launch here at Philanthropy Hands-On always aim to support individuals and communities that need a helping hand. Feel free to contact our charitable organization in Ontario, California, if you plan to volunteer or donate to support our causes.

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