What You Need To Know About Female Genitalia Mutilation


Female genitalia mutilation or FGM is where the female genitalia is wholly cut off, injured, or changed. This is otherwise also known as “female circumcision” and no medical reason exists why women undergo FGM. Currently, this practice is present in over ninety-two countries.

Usually, because it has no medical reason for this procedure, this is generally done not by medical professionals during a medical mission but mainly by the community elderly. Sometimes, FGM may also be, in some cases, performed by medical professionals. Here’s what else you need to know about FGM.

  • Why Is It Practiced?
    From the people who have been to outreach services in places where FGM is practiced, some reasons provided why it’s done is because of tradition, practices, or simply because of gender inequality where women are often abused or looked down upon in their society.
  • How Is the Practice Evolving?
    Nowadays, some medical professionals have been performing this women-abusive practice, which directly contradicts the oath to do no harm. Hopefully, with all the philanthropic activities fighting for women nowadays, more and more women will be saved from this practice.
  • Is It A Risk?
    FGM is definitely a physical and psychological risk for women. It can lead to infertility, childbirth issues, or depression. If you want to help protect women against FGM, you may seek out any non-profit organization in California or many other places where they have the means to help women.

Helping women and protecting them against this dangerous practice takes a community and the cooperation of everyone. If you want to donate or learn more about how to help, contact any charitable organization in Ontario, California, or contact us at Philanthropy Hands-On.

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