Giving Drinkable Water to Everyone


For today, we are giving you drinking water facts. First, Did you know you can survive for 3 months without food if you drink water only? Second, did you know you can’t endure more than 3 days if you don’t drink water? Third, did you know that drinking water is tied to many factors that make you healthy? Those are the few roots ad causes of different Drinking Water Projects.

Our Charitable Organization in Ontario, California, has seen that despite our modern times and advanced technology, the basic need for clean and drinkable water for everyone hasn’t been achieved. There are still areas and individuals without clean water to drink. Access to free potable water is a form of our right to live. And if one cannot have accessible drinkable water, imagine the health risk they will be because of contaminated and dirty water.

As a Philanthropic organization, we here in Philanthropy Hands-On fight for every person’s rights. Especially rights that should be for everybody, accessible to anyone, and not just those that are privileged. And we see having access to potable water as a right everyone should have. Thus, we will never cease to advocate giving drinkable water to everyone.

Support our mission of uplifting humanity. Do it by donating to our Non-profit Organization in California today!

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