Why do We do Medical Missions?


We have something to ask you. Have you ever wondered why many Non-profit Organizations in California and other states and countries do medical missions? If you have, have you gotten your answer? That’s amazing! Just hang there for a minute. If you haven’t, you better read this article because we will give you the solution you need.

Medical Mission is one form of doing our social responsibility: to help, give back, and provide for the needs of unfortunate people.

These individuals cannot afford to go to medical professionals due to a lack of funds, difficulty accessing medical facilities or professionals, and lack of available medical professionals. Access to health care, especially basic or primary healthcare, is a fundamental right of each of us. It’s a way to have a healthier society that would slowly eradicate different diseases and increase immunity.

For us here in Philanthropy Hands-On, Philanthropic work is more than giving back to the community. It’s giving others a better life with better opportunities to leave their misery. For us, philanthropic work is the hand we reach out to people who need it. And we will always champion your welfare without any reservations.

Support our Charitable Organization in Ontario, California. Be a donor, a volunteer, or an advocate today!

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