The Reality and Dangers of Child Marriage


Child marriage is already considered a human rights violation. Efforts coming from international organizations like UNICEF and many philanthropic groups are already afoot to help rescue young girls from this practice. According to data from UNICEF, the average prevalence of this practice is still 41% in the regions of West and Central Africa. This is still a dark reality for many young girls in these places.

As a charitable organization in Ontario, California, we hope to give disadvantaged girls in marginalized communities have a chance at a better tomorrow. Girls who are forced to marry before the age of 18 are mostly not physically or mentally ready for marriage and family life. Here are other risks that a young girl might experience because of child marriage:

  • Physical risks

    Girls are at a high risk of pregnancy and childbirth complications when made to carry a child at such a young age. In addition, statistics show that child brides are at a high risk of gender-based violence during their married life. Our rescue mission aims to prevent forced child marriages and extract abuse victims.

  • Developmental risks

    Young girls forced into marriage are also made to give up their education and other opportunities. Through our youth empowerment services, we help them acquire skills and provide opportunities for them to uplift their lives and escape their grim reality.

Philanthropy Hands-On is a non-profit organization in California that is committed to helping young girls in certain regions of Africa have better life opportunities. We would be glad if you could help us by donating, sponsoring, and/or volunteering.

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