How You Can Help Impoverished and Abused Children


Donating and volunteering for noble causes such as helping impoverished children, struggling communities, and women at risk of abuse are concrete forms of selflessness and humanity. Donors, sponsors, and volunteers have big roles to play in the launch and success of a passion project. Charitable organization in Ontario, California like us.

There are many ways in which you can help our philanthropic causes. Here are three ways to help us improve the lives of children, women, and communities in need in Africa:

  • Donation

    For our donors, you can pick a cause you believe in. If you visit our website, we have a flow chart categorizing the programs that we implement. For instance, you can choose to give a donation to orphanages through our programs.

  • Sponsorship

    At our non-profit organization in California, there is a more consistent way of supporting our causes. Sponsors can choose to support any one or more of our programs in a one-time manner, weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annually.

  • Volunteerism

    We call upon your natural generosity and kindness to come and help our underprivileged recipients. To young people, we need your youthful energy and passion, especially in the carrying out of our outreach services.

Philanthropy Hands-On is able to fund meaningful programs through the generosity and kindness of our donors and sponsors. Our dedicated volunteers make our programs possible with their time and efforts. As long as there are good people who are willing to help others, together, we can hope for a better tomorrow.

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